Social Distancing: Not Intended For Lovers

Social Distancing: Not Intended For Lovers

How long has it been since you have been on an authentic date with your significant other? Just because the world is keeping their distance from each other, doesn’t mean we should be taking the same approach at home. Now is the time to be giving your lover extra attention, especially to ease the frustrations you both are experiencing at this time. Want to spice things up a bit? Try one (or more) of the following:

Hold hands—often! It’s okay to touch each other and I highly recommend that you do it as much as possible. You picked them for a reason, right? Let’s remind them of that!

Write them a love letter. Tell them just how wonderful you think they are and ask at the end of the letter for one back (but don’t expect it—that’s dangerous). Put it in an envelope and address it to them. Leave it on their pillow or next to their toothbrush with a splash of your scent of choice on it. Make it romantic—we’re trying to spice things up, right?!

Take a ride together and I’m not just talking about to the grocery store. Go to a FUN destination at least one hour away. Talk while you’re together. Ask them if there’s a particular car they would like to own one day or if there’s something from their childhood they haven’t ever been able to do and would like to now that you’re both adults with a reasonable income. Ask them anything and reconnect with each other. Hopefully they will be inspired to ask you questions back.

Give an unsolicited AND authentic compliment AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Tell your sweetie how cute you think they are. Pinch their booty and flirt a little. It’s okay to still treat your partner like they’re new and exciting to you. And trust me, it’s worth it.

Do yard work together. Do ANYTHING together as long as it’s not sitting in front of

the TV. Pay attention to each other and accomplish something small together. Make sure it’s not something either one of you is mega passionate about because we’re not trying to argue about particulars here. Just have fun.

Play a game together but try not to get too competitive. It’s important to have fun. Maybe play a little game of Twister where you have to entangle your bodies together. I’ll just let your mind wander with that for a little bit…

Alright, my last recommendation would be to make them a nice dinner for no reason at all. Surprise them when they come home from something: work, a walk, visiting their family. It doesn’t matter but it always says a lot to come home to a nice warm meal or dessert, something they really love—their favorite.

You get the idea and this list is not exhaustive. Get creative but most importantly, remind yourself why you got into the relationship and then show them. Anything you do will be the right thing, just give it a try.

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