What To Do When A “To-Do” List Isn’t Enough

What To Do When A “To-Do” List Isn’t Enough

Whenever I am ready to begin a project of any kind, out comes my trusty to-do list. I am a “list person” and crossing items off one by one once they are done gives me such a sense of accomplishment. However, to get your project off the ground you must have a system in place to go with your list. Something you should know is, a to-do list is a plan, NOT a planning system.

That’s where I come in as an Organizational Specialist.

To get started, I will email you an intake questionnaire for you to fill out. This will put you in the right mindset and give us a jumping off point in regards to what is really the most important aspect of your project. I have found that it is never about the stuff, but the emotions surrounding “the stuff” that is keeping you stuck.

After you have filled out your intake sheet and get it back to me, we either meet up in-person or on a Zoom call and decide together where your project should begin. Through our time together, I will give you strategies and helpful tips and tricks to keep your motivation focused on your project.

Let me share one of my favorite approaches with you, this is also something you may have seen on TV but it really does work! First things first, block out time on your calendar as soon as the project begins, to take these items to their new destination (away from your house). Have plenty of boxes or reusable bags available and label each one where the things inside will be going:








As you begin decluttering this will give you a place to put things which will be leaving your house. As you fill those boxes and bags, make sure you take them out to your car, trailer or whatever mode of transportation you will be using to get rid of them. Then (here’s the most important part), remember that time on your calendar? Use it! Take those items to their intended destination and feel great walking back into your now decluttered space.

That’s just one example of what we can accomplish working together. Whether we are meeting in person or on Zoom, I will dedicate a 3-hour session to you and we will make sure to accomplish as much as you’re ready to, during that time. Together, we will take your “to-do” list to a “TO-DONE” list.

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